Match Report

Match:  BBQ Shield
Venue:  Cart
Winner:  Nelson Keet
Runner Up:  Dan Bolton
Third:  Steve Hanson


10 anglers turned up for the BBQ match on Stemps and Cart and we used Steve Simmonds’ list of the best catch pegs to assign 5 anglers to each lake. Unlike last year the weather was fine and dry and hence we did not have to suffer continuous rain for the match. Nelson Keet drew peg 16 on Cart, the same as he did last year and everyone expected him to repeat last year’s performance and have the heaviest weight on both lakes. However this was not to be the case.

Nelson was not as successful as last year and only managed to catch 3 carp on his feeder gear, losing a similar number to weigh in 8-3-0 and first place.

Dan Bolton on peg 29 caught 5 smaller carp to weigh in 8-2-0 to closely push Nelson

In third place on peg 24 was Steve Hanson with a mixed bag of 7-8-0.

After the match Steve Simmonds again laid on a superb BBQ and this was thoroughly enjoyed by all anglers. Thank you Steve, this was much appreciated by all the anglers.