Match Report

Match:  Caine Cup 1st Leg
Venue:  Petworth Park
Winner:  Kevin Leighfield
21 - 0 - 4
Runner Up:  Tony Carr
11 - 8 - 12
Third:  Mike Kitchener
10 -5 - 4


The first Sunday match was as usual at Petworth Park and hopes were not high as individual anglers had reported very few bream being caught since the venue opened again on April 1st. The weather conditions also did not favour high catches with dry sunny intervals and a wind that was variable in both speed and direction giving either a flat calm or a slight chop.

Perhaps members had heard how difficult it had been fishing as only 9 anglers turned up including new member Tony Carr. It was also good to have John Williams back with us but as per normal decided to leave before the end. One of the thoughts from last season was that pegging too many people along the roadside bank had resulted in low catches.

Hence for this match 6 anglers were pegged along the roadside bank (giving everyone plenty of room) with 1 behind the first south island, 1 in the gap between those islands and 1 around the corner on the North bank. However the catches were still poor with very few bream caught, 12 in total, and 3 tench plus roach, perch, an eel and rudd.

Kevin Leighfield was in first place and used his normal feeder tactics to catch 6 bream on worm or maggot. These weighed 21-0-4 and were caught in the early part of the match with Kevin struggling to get a bite in the last couple of hours. Kevin was fishing the second peg to the right of the concrete slab.
Kevin with his winning bag

Kevin with his winning bag

Tony Carr was fishing to the left of the concrete slab just before the treeand caught  2 bream and 1 hybrid weighing 11-8-12 to take second place. The hybrid was caught on the pole and the bream on the feeder.

Mike Kitchener was the angler fishing on the north bank, where a lot of fish activity was seen. He caught 2 tench on the pole and then changed over to the whip to catch small rudd. These weighed 10-5-4 to take third spot.

Tony with his second place bag
Tony with his second place bag
Kitch with his Tench
Kitch with his Tench