Match Report

Match:  Caine Cup 2nd Leg
Venue:  Petworth Park
Winner:  Steve Speller
Runner Up:  Kevin Leighfield
Third:  Vince Herringshaw


14 anglers turned up for the second match at Petworth Park and these included several anglers who had not fished the first match. As I drove over Bury Hill i thought what a difference from the previous Sunday. The weather was misty and damp and Bury Hill was shrouded in mist and I could not see the Arun valley. There was also no wind and the calm conditions helped those fishing behind the islands. However the wind picked during the match and started to blow strongly towards the road bank and this favoured those on this bank to the detriment to those behind the islands.

Steve Speller fishing on the road side with sweetcorn on the pole had 2 tench (close in) and a bream (at 11 metres) for a weight of 11-6-8 and first place.

Kevin Leighfield predicted that the bream would feed when the wind started blowing towards the road bank. True to his word he managed to catch 3 on the feeder within half an hour of his prediction. These weighed 11-0-8 for second place.

Vince Herringshaw fishing behind the island had 2 tench and a crucian carp on the pole for a weight of 10-2-0. Unfortunately the increase in wind spoiled his chances.

Overall Vince won the Caine Cup with 14 points from Vinny Collier who had 12 points and Keith Hughes who also had 12 points but a lower weight.