Match Report

Match:  Charles Tankard 1st leg
Venue:  Brockhurst Moat
Winner:  N. Wren
2 - 6 - 0
Runner Up:  V Herringshaw
2 - 2 - 0
Third:  R. Butler
0 - 13 - 0


Well we had the first match of the season hosted by our friends from Portsmouth at Brockhurst Moat. I was not at the match as I was sunning myself in Croatia! I do have a very sketchy report from the Portsmouth organiser which makes interesting reading.

Apparently the match was won by Tim Coombs with about 20lb of bream but his was the only peg to really produce, the bream were all in the shallower water, which is the unfished area. They either knew we were coming or more than likely they were spawning. It was reported that the water was black with them so I reckon spawning is a good bet although it is a little late.

The other curious footnote which I was asked not to mention -now that is just an invitation really! Perch should not be mentioned to Keith Hughes, now I don’t know whether he lost a big one or what – I will find out and report back!

This was a rod and line only match with no poles and no feeders or legers – back to a bit of traditional fishing although I understand that a couple might have been confused as to the end of rod that they should attach the reel and whether the line really needed to go through all those little eye things!