Match Report

Match:  Charles Tankard 2nd Leg
Venue:  Hurston Match Pond
Winner:  K Leighfield
12 - 10 - 0
Runner Up:  R Butler
11 - 4 - 0
Third:  K Hughes
8 - 0 - 0


We visited the Match Pond at Storrington for the 2nd leg of the Charles Tankard. I have to confess that I made a mistake with the match listing in the Handbook. The first leg was ages back – in fact our first match, which we fished against Portsmouth on their Brockhurst Moat water. This was why they were joining us at Storrington, but their numbers were down as they had other thing on. Nevertheless with a decent turnout of our anglers we had a reasonable number fishing the match.

I’ve not been up to Storrington sine the recent work parties and I must say that the fishery management boys have done a pretty good job, but it looks as a session on the lilies in the tench pond might be needed, although I would not expect them to spread anymore as it is certainly a little chillier in the morning and as the water temperatures drop the lilies will die back. As reported elsewhere the carp lake is looking good weed and bank wise with plenty of swims and plenty of open water to fish to. I won’t say clear water as there is definitely a bit of colour – a sure sign of the fish moving.

As I made my way to the match pond I did pass three or four anglers on the carp pond however I did not really have the time to stop for a chat as I wanted to get the pegs and paper work sorted for our match. ‘Janes’ bench was match HQ and I believe Ray H has taken on duties of preparing it for the winter months – thanks Ray.

We put half the pegs on the river side and half on the roadside, I think most were hoping for a river side draw as the best weight came from here last match. Kevin, Rab and Keith all ended up on that side together with John.

Kevin was about halfway along and fished to the island on the pole, he managed to land 5 carp and a few bits and pieces for a total weight of 12 – 10 – 0 which was enough for first place. Unfortunately some or possibly all of his winnings will be required for pole repairs as he managed to crack the male part of one joint while trying to take apart with the pole under strain!

Rab was pegged with the lilies to his right, this peg requires fairly heavy tackle and the guts to lower your float where you know it is going to be tested. Rab’s 5 carp were obviously not as big as Kevin’s as his 11 – 4 – 0 was only good for 2nd place.

In 3rd place again on the river side but at the top end was Keith who had 4 carp for a neat 8 – 0 – 0

As far as the match against Portsmouth was concerned we did manage to beat them quite convincingly. Taking our top 4 anglers versus their 4 we won by 38 – 8 – 0 to 8 – 11 – 8.

With a 3rd place at Brockhurst and a 2nd place here Rab Butler wins the Charles Tankard

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Above is Rab Butler the overall winner of the Charles Tankard over two legs.