Match Report

Match:  Charles Tankard
Venue:  Hurston Match Pond
Winner:  Vince Herringshaw
Runner Up:  John Williams
Third:  Steve/John Hanson


This was the second week running at Hurston match lake and the anglers were hopeful that it would be more successful than the previous week, as there had been a whole week of above average temperatures. However again we had a Saturday night frost and this again took the edge off the fishing with the weights lower than the previous match. 9 anglers turned up for the match and 4 were pegged on the stream side with the other 5 pegged on the opposite bank

The signs were good as Mick Greenway on the non-stream bank hooked but lost a carp on his first drop in. However this was a false hope as the anglers on this bank struggled to catch a fish with only Ray Huskisson hooking and losing a carp. On the stream side the anglers were slightly more successful but still struggled catching only small roach

In first place, Vince Herringshaw, fishing on the stream side managed to catch a carp on his last cast and this with just over a pound of small fish gave him a winning weight of 7-6-0

John Williams was not tempted by the barmaid’s apron this week and caught 0-11-8 of small roach to take second place. He was fishing close in on the stream side using pinkies but lost 2 carp

Third place was a tie between the Hanson brothers, Steve and John who both caught 0-9-4 of small roach.