Match Report

Match:  Committee Cup/ Ottaway
Venue:  Bernie's Match Lake
Winner:  Phil Tubb
Runner Up:  Vince Herringshaw
Third:  Steve Hanson


This invitation match at Bernies has become a permanent fixture in the match list. This invitation match is for committee members, bailiffs and the regular match anglers and we had 17 anglers fishing. Last season the match was fished on the day after a heavy frost and this kept the weights down. As the weather was dry but overcast with occasional sunshine hopes were high for some good catches. Also several of the anglers had been practising at the venue and had had good catches but this was only with a few anglers on the venue.  However on the Saturday there had been heavy rain which seemed to have put the fish off feeding all round the lake.

In first place, fishing in the second swim on the roadside was Phil Tubb who used the long pole to fish hard pellet close to the island. His catch of carp, which required three weighings, totalled  43-0-0 including two double figure fish. Phil was weighed in first and this gave him time to pack away whilst we weighed in the other catches.
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Phil Tubb with two of the bigger Carp in his winning bag

Vince Herringshaw was fishing the corner swim, on the non roadside, where Mike Kitchener won the match in last year. Mike fished the feeder throughout the whole of the match whilst Vince also used the feeder but mainly concentrated on the long pole and his trusty whip. He used a range of baits to weigh in 31-11-0 which was mainly carp but included approximately 5 pound of silver fish caught on the whip using maggot
Vince Herringshaw with some of his carp.

Runner up Vince Herringshaw with some of his Carp

In third place was Steve Hanson who was fishing the other corner swim on the non roadside and weighed in 22-2-0 of carp. Steve used the long pole and pellet to catch fish against the island in the early part of the match but switched to paste on the pole in the margins to catch in the latter part of the match.
Steve Hanson with a nice looking Ghost Carp

Steve Hanson had this nice looking Ghostie in his third place bag

Phil  was the winner of the Committee cup with Vince the winner of the Ottaway Cup for non-committee members and Mick Greenway, who was in fourth place, the winner of the Bailiffs cup with a catch of 18-10-0 of carp.
Mick Greenway won the Bailiffs Cup with this bag of Carp

Mick Greenway won the Bailiffs Cup with this bag of Carp

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And finally – will Phil be packed up in time for the next match, we wonder!