Match Report

Match:  D H McCavish 1st Leg
Venue:  Passies Match Lake
Winner:  Keith Hughes
Runner Up:  Vince Herringshaw
Third:  Steve Simmonds


This was the last match before the Christmas break and was silverfish only fished on the Bunker straight of Passies Match Lake. There had been heavy rain the previous day and night but the cloud had cleared in the early hours of the morning so there was again frost on the platforms. The sun came out and warmed us up for a couple of hours but then it clouded over and the temperature started to drop. We were fortunate that the rain only started after we had finished the match and were loading up the cars.

Normally Passies Match Lake is difficult following heavy rain but everone caught and there were 8 weights over 5lb. interestingly the fish seemed to move along the match straight, with those anglers in the stretch before the bunker and the pegs immediately after the bunker catching fish after the first half hour. However it was at least an hour and half to two hours before the two anglers at the end of the stretch past the bunker caught a fish. That is apart from Jon Arnold who started to catch F1s and over the whole match had two dozen of them.

Entertainment this match was provided by Steve Simmonds, who whilst searching in his box, had his whip pulled across the lake by a carp to end up in front of the next peg. Steve then walked around to the other side of the lake and managed to recover his whip without the carp.

In first place was Keith Hughes who was fishing on the second peg down from the bridge. He managed to find some of the bigger skimmers and these coupled with smaller skimmers and some good roach gave him a winning weight of 12-9-0. He used the long pole and fished casters to catch the fish.

Vince Herringshaw was the first angler past the bunker and used the long pole and his trusty whip to catch small skimmers and roach weighing 10-15-8 to take second place.
First place goes to Keith with Vince the runner up

Keith found a few of the bigger skimmers to beat runner up Vince

In third place was Steve Simmonds, fishing next to Vince and again used the long pole and whip to take 10-1-0 of mainly roach with the odd skimmer.

After 31 matches Mick Greenway leads the Clubman (146 points) from Steve Simmonds (130 points), Matchman (1467) from Phil Tubb (1166) and the Aggregate Weight (333-8-0) from Paul Ward (277-6-0).