Match Report

Match:  D H McCavish 3rd Leg
Venue:  Bernies
Winner:  Keith Hughes
Runner Up:  Mick Greenway
Third:  Vince Herringshaw


The previous leg of this match was dire and the preceding week’s weather had not been conducive to good fishing – there was heavy snow on Thursday and Friday but this had all melted. Also the lake was frozen on Wednesday but this had all melted. Unfortunately there was another couple of nights of frost and the lake had frozen over when the three hardy anglers turned up to fish the match. Originally there was a better turn out expected for this match but those who cried off did not fancy breaking the ice.

It was decided to fish the Solar Panel Farm side and use the swims that had produced some silverfish in the previous match at Bernies. This proved to be a good decision initially as the anglers were in the sunshine – however the sun moved round and the temperature dropped on that side.

The three anglers spend a very warming period of time breaking the ice out to about 10 metres in each swim and then removing it to give all the anglers a reasonable amount of ice free water to fish in. All three anglers managed to catch fish using liquidised bread and fishing either bread punch or a pinkie over the top of it. The fish caught were mainly roach with the size ranging from very small sub ounce fish to fish that needed to be netted. Interestingly the fish seemed to be caught close up to the unbroken ice.

Fishing the middle of the three swims was Keith Hughes who caught 1-15-8 of roach.

A cold looking Keith with his hard fought winning bag

Mick Greenway caught 14 roach weighing 1-8-0 to take second place.

Third place was taken by Vince Herringshaw caught 10 roach weighing 0-10-0.

After the three legs of the D H Mccavish Shield Keith Hughes (20 points) won from Vince Herringshaw (17 points)

After 35 matches Mick Greenway leads the Clubman (147 points) from Vince Herringshaw (139 points), Matchman (1507) from Vince Herringshaw (1178) and the Aggregate Weight (340-9-8) from Paul Ward (277-6-0).