Match Report

Match:  Daniels Cup
Venue:  Shopham
Winner:  V Herringshaw
4 - 3 - 0
Runner Up:  R Huskisson
2 - 12 - 12
Third:  J Hanson
0 - 14 - 8


We arrived with quite in quite a heavy fog and unfortunately it was not helping Rab’s breathing so he had to go home. The general consensus was that we should make this a walk off match.

Following the draw Sam, Ray, Kevin and Steve S decided to go downstream, while Vince, John, Steve H, Steve Speller and Dennis went upstream. Only 2 chub were landed but Steve S had a bit of a nightmare in Ray Newnham’s swim by the bridge where he managed to lose 5.

Vince went right upstream into the old loop section under the big tree and had one chub and bits for 4 – 3 – 0 and first place.

Ray was downstream at the start of the big bend and had one chub and a couple of minnows for 2 – 12 – 12 and second place.

John was just above the bridge and picked up the odd fish all through the match for 0 – 14 – 8 and third place.

Happiest man on the day was John’s brother Steve Hanson who caught his first ever grayling.