Match Report

Match:  Daniels Cup
Venue:  Choller Farm
Winner:  Mick Greenway
Runner Up:  Vince Herringshaw
Third:  Keith Hughes


This was the last competition of the season and was fished at Choller Farm which is in the fields that back on to Stemps and Cart. Choller Farm Lake is a beautiful little lake with an island at one end and ten newly installed platforms.

In the days prior to the match the “Beast from the East” snow storms had hit the area along with low temperatures. There was a thick layer of snow on my car when I left Worthing and as heavier snow was forecast further west so I was very apprehensive about being able to fish. However as I drove west the amount of snow decreased and there was only a light covering at the fishery which melted during the day. There was a very cold wind and occasional snow throughout the day and it was decided to go for comfort and all fish at one end sheltered from the wind. The lake was free from ice which at least was one positive.

The fishing was slow with most anglers fishing close to the island where eventually a few small roach started to be caught. Vince was fishing in the margins and eventually caught a carp. This prompted Mick to look in the margins too where he also found some carp.

In first place fishing the long pole in the margins was Mick Greenway who caught 5 carp weighing 35-11-0 including one that was well into double figures. He used dead maggots to catch the carp and also caught some roach using bread punch. He also lost one carp on the feeder and one on the pole.
A very cold looking Mick with his winning catch

A very cold looking Mick with his winning catch

Vince Herringshaw was in second place and he was the first one to catch a carp. He used bread punch to catch 3 carp weighing 13-1-0 in the margins. He also lost a carp that excessively stretched his pre-stretched black hydro elastic so much that he had to cut a foot of its length after losing the fish to get it to work.
Vince with his second placed bag

Vince with his second placed bag

Keith Hughes was in third place and caught 8 roach weighing 0-9-0 fishing close to the island.

Overall Mick Greenway has won the Clubman, Weight and Matchman categories from Keith Hughes.
Clubman (153 to 147 points), Weight (364-2-4 to 220-15-8) and Matchman (1569 to 984 points). In previous years Mick has struggled in the winter matches but this year has won 5 of the 8 matches fished since Christmas.