Match Report

Match:  Daniels Cup
Venue:  Coultershaw
Winner:  Mick Greenway
15 - 12 - 0
Runner Up:  Colin Bridger
2 - 8 - 0
Third:  Vince Herringshaw
0 - 2 - 4


The River Rother at Coultershaw was the venue for the Daniels Cup. However the river was low and clear, despite rain during the previous week, and this gave problems with picking pegs to fish as some pegs were shallow across the width of the river. In the end two pegs were put in the fenced off area, one at the intersection of the stream and river and the rest on the first straight. With the low, clear water conditions plus an overnight frost, fishing turned out to be difficult with Mike Kitchener packing up early as he could not get a bite. Keith Hughes managed to get some small fish but unfortunately had a hole in his keepnet and they all escaped. Again the day was dry although on the cold side.

Mick Greenway was on the second peg in the fenced off area and was fishing the stick float with maggot and had caught two trout before catching two chub, then things went quiet. Keith on one of walkabouts stopped off at Mick’s peg and pointed out the fish upstream of where he was fishing. Mick had not noticed these probably due to his poor eyesight! He continued to feed maggots and eventually caught another four chub in the last half hour downstream of his peg. The six chub weighed 15-12-0 to take first place by a considerable margin. Interestingly he did not catch any dace.

Colin Bridger was fishing at the intersection of the stream and the river and used the stick float and maggot to catch 2-8-0 of roach and dace to take second place.

Mick’s winning bag of Chub
Colin’s second place bag of bits

Vince Herringshaw was fishing the fourth peg in the fenced off area and used the long pole and maggot to weigh in 0-2-4 (8 dace) to take third place.