Match Report

Match:  Extra Match
Venue:  Passie Match Lake
Winner:  Vince Herringshaw
Runner Up:  Keith Hughes
Third:  MIke Kitchener


This date was originally in the calendar as a Three Counties reserve date. However as there was a reduced number of teams in the leagues and no dates had been cancelled, due to the weather, this date was free. Hence Keith Hughes organised a match at Passies Pond at Combes. We were allowed 10 pegs on the bunker straight of the match Lake and had 9 anglers in attendance. In keeping with other matches this Winter the weather again played a big part.

There was no rain although there was brief hail storm. However there was a very strong wind which was blowing from the side and made holding the pole very difficult. Also the level of water in the lake was very high and this coupled with the strong wind caused waves to lap over the side of the platforms. The catches were mainly of carp and F1s caught on the feeder although Mick Greenway did have approximately 8 pound of skimmers caught on the pole. The two end pegs provided the heaviest catches with only odd carp and skimmers caught on the other pegs.

In first place, fishing on the furthest end peg was Vince Herringshaw who caught 11 carp and F1s on the feeder/maggot fished against the far bank. These weighed 26-10-0.

Keith Hughes was in second place, fishing on the nearest end peg, and had a mixed catch of roach, skimmers, F1s and carp weighing 20-4-0. These were caught on the feeder and waggler.

In third place was Mike Kitchener who caught 4 carp, on the pole, from under his platform to weigh in 11-1-0