Match Report

Match:  How Wet Can We Get!
Venue:  Chichester Canal
Winner:  Mark Pantling
11 - 10 - 0
Runner Up:  John Williams
8 - 13 - 0
Third:  Steve Simmonds
4 - 14 - 0


Only six hardy souls turned out for the ‘Let’s See How Wet We Can Get’ trophy fished on the Chichester canal. Conditions at the start of the match were horrendous with heavy driving rain. The wind did for John Williams brolley early on and Steve S had to fight his turning inside out three times but luckily the carbon fibre spars held out and he was able to reset it. We met up on the by-pass and pegged the stretch immediately down from the bridge and it was with some trepidation that the anglers emerged from the relative calm under the bridge into the wind and rain. As the day wore on it did slowly clear up, however most of us had a good soaking.

Proving unbeatable on the canal yet again Mark Pantling and his trusty five metre whip lead the way with a mainly skimmers catch of 11 – 10 – 0.

Despite sitting out in the rain for most of the time it came down John Williams was second with a mixed skimmer and roach bag of 8 – 13 – 0 caught on the pole and waggler.

In third place with a mainly roach net taken on the waggler was Steve Simmonds with 4 – 14 – 0.

I think the most significant thing was on a day with such awful conditions all the angler weighed in excess of 3lb, this just goes to show what a good venue the canal is.