Match Report

Match:  Jubilee Cup 1st Leg
Venue:  Cart Pond
Winner:  Rab Butler
8 - 14 - 0
Runner Up:  Steve Simmonds
6 - 9 - 0
Third:  Keith Hughes
5 - 14 - 0


You would not believe it but all the Petworth and Bognor anglers got drawn on Cart Pond for this match together with a couple from Portsmouth and Stemps was all Portsmouth members.

Turning to Stemps first, it’s amazing what happens when you put the right angler on the right peg (or should I say the right anglers draws the right peg!). Tim Coombes drew fancied peg 15 and showed just what is possible from this peg. With just over 63lb when the final whistle blew to finish the match it was fairly obvious that he had well and truly beaten everyone else on the lake pretty much combined.

Cart Pond was a much tighter affair with some good bit weights from all round the pond.

Rab Butler was drawn on peg 27 the first peg over the dam round the back of the island with feature lilies and some overhanging trees from the island this is always a fancied spot for a good mixed bag. Rab being Rab did not quite conform to the norm and amongst his bits he found a proper bream which boosted his weight to 8 – 13 – 0 for first place

Steve Simmonds was pegged on the far corner from the island and I’m sure you have heard him or seen him in print waxing lyrical about hemp, tares and casters, well he did at least partially manage to justify himself with an all roach net of 6 – 9 – 0 caught on the whip from halfway across to the island using exactly this method

In third spot and slightly cursing himself at the end of the match because he allowed himself to be distracted into thinking he could catch and hold onto carp off the end of the island was Keith Hughes on peg 24. with 5 – 14 – 0.