Match Report

Match:  Kingsbury Tankard
Venue:  Bernies Match Lake
Winner:  Vince Herringshaw
Runner Up:  Steve Pentecost
Third:  Graham White


The Kingsbury Tankard match was fished on Bernies Match Lake at Ashington. There had been heavy overnight rain but match day was dry but overcast, with occasional drizzle, and reasonably mild for the time of year. The anglers were split between the two sides of the lake, including the corners. However the far solar farm corner was not drawn as we were one angler short. Unfortunately the fish were not equally split around the lake with the solar farm side fishing considerably better than the car park side. The heaviest weights were taken at the far end of the solar farm side and from the corner peg on the car park side.

Vince Herringshaw was in first place and was fishing on the solar farm side two pegs from the vacant corner peg. Vince fished the long pole tight to the island using bread to catch carp weighing 35-2-0. Vince also lost a big carp which pulled the hook after a long fight.

Steve Pentecost runner up once again was fishing the far corner peg on the car park side and used the feeder and red pellet to catch carp weighing 34-1-0 including one double figure fish.Steve used the feeder to land 8 carp including a double figure brute

Steve used the feeder to land 8 carp including a double figure brute

Graham White used the feeder to take third place. He was fishing next to Vince and weighed in 30-0-8 of carp.

After 30 matches Mick Greenway leads the Clubman (146 points) from Steve Simmonds (128 points), Matchman (1426) from Phil Tubb (1142) and the Aggregate Weight (324-5-8) from Paul Ward (277-5-12).