Match Report

Match:  Kingsbury Tankard
Venue:  Sumners Ponds
Winner:  P Ward
65 - 12 - 0
Runner Up:  G Riley
35 - 15 - 0
Third:  K Hughes
31 - 2 - 4


Our last match of the current season was an away day at Sumners Pond in Barns Green. We had a good turnout with some new faces one or two old ones that we haven’t seen in a while and one familiar face that has not graced our matches before.

A few of us met up at the Toat cafe for breakfast and after we had finished we were waiting expectantly for Phil, and we waited and waited. Eventually even after having phoned his home to ascertain whether he had left – he had, ages ago we had to leave and continue on to the venue. Guess who’s van graced the skyline as we drove into the car park, yes Phil was here all the time, despite saying that he didn’t know how to get here!! Anyway we got him to phone home just to assure his wife that he hadn’t been kidnapped by aliens. ( I suspect that at times all wives think anglers are aliens!)

The lake here has three islands running down the middle and the best pegs are reckoned to be those where you cast either to the side of the island or just off the end with perhaps the middle of the three islands being the most favoured. The left hand side looking up from the carp park is also thought to be the best side.

Although new to the club we know Paul Ward well through his exploits for the Arun team in the Three Counties League. Paul drew slap bang in the middle of the middle island. Not only was this considered to be a strong peg but Paul has fished here a few times before so he knows the water anyway. Paul got off to an interesting start when he found himself attached to one of the ducks that had picked up bait after a cast to the shallows round the Island. After disentangling himself he got down to some serious fishing and put together a total weight 65 – 12 – 0 consisting of mainly carp but with a decent net of silver fish including a bonus barbel. This was easily good enough for first place.
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Eventual winner Paul Ward is in yet again!

In second place was Glenn Riley known as ‘Catapult Riley’ at many venues as he always donates a catapult to the water wherever he fishes. He did however miss out on this ritual today as he reported at the end of the match that he did still have his full complement! Perhaps that’s why he was only 2nd today! Glen had just over 31lb of carp and nearly 5lb of silver fish for 35 – 12 – 0.
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Just look at the concentration from Glen ‘catapult’ Riley who came second.

A close third was Keith Hughes who has had a bit of an up and down season this year. Early on in the season there was the tale of dropped or lost fish. Then a storming middle section of the season but recently things have been a bit quiet until this match that is! Keith was perhaps 1 fish behind Glen with a total of 31 – 2 – 4.
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Third placed Keith Hughes tries the Pole.

Special mention should go to Peter Broome who in his first match ever finished in a very creditable 4th place.