Match Report

Match:  Kirkby Bott 4th Leg
Venue:  Watersfield
Winner:  Vince Herringshaw
4 - 8 - 8
Runner Up:  Ray Huskisson
3 - 5 - 4
Third:  Steve Simmonds
2 - 1 - 0


The advance weather forecast for this match was very poor with high winds and heavy rain. We were fortunate that we only had to cope with the high winds as the heavy rains did not materialise and there was only light drizzle through the match. However the heavy rain appeared as we were packing our gear away in the car park. Six hardy anglers turned out for the match which was the last in the Kirkby Bott series.

In first place was Vince Herringshaw who was fishing in the mint swim which was the peg that Kitch had won the previous match from. He fished the stick float to catch two skimmers plus roach and dace to weigh in 4-8-8.

Fishing at the opposite end of the stretch was Ray Huskisson who used the feeder to catch roach and dace weighing 3-5-4

Vince with his winning catch Ray came second in this match
Vince had a decent sized skimmer which helped beat Ray’s bag of Roach and Dace

On the point swim was Steve Simmonds who was struggling in the early part of the match and switched over to the maggot feeder to catch 4 eels. These coupled with a few roach gave Steve a weight of 2-1-0 and third place.

Again in this match the two most successful pegs were those at the two ends of the match stretch.

Overall the Kirkby Bott series was won by Vince Herringshaw (33points) from Mike Kitchener (30 points)