Match Report

Match:  LEC Cup 1st Leg
Venue:  Chichester Canal
Winner:  Keith Hughes
Runner Up:  Vince Herringshaw
Third:  Mick Greenway


Last season we held a match on the Chichester canal in the area where the old Selsey Tram line crosses the canal. Although the weather was very wet that day we did catch some skimmers so we included it in our matches this year. Unfortunately the skimmers did not turn up this time and although we did have some rain this year it was nowhere near as heavy as last year. Vince and Keith pegged out the match ensuring that everyone had either lily pads or reeds opposite them. Unfortunately only 4 anglers turned up with three of the regulars along with Alan Jones, a new member.

The Selsey Tram is a good area to fish on the canal as we were not troubled with the large numbers of joggers/walkers and speeding cyclists inhabiting other areas of the canal. We also took the opportunity to find the parking area in the housing estate rather than parking at Hunston and walking along the canal.

In first place fishing an end peg was Keith Hughes who caught 2-10-0 of roach along with the odd skimmer. Keith fished white maggot on the long pole against the lily pads on the far side.

Vince Herringshaw was fishing at the other end of the match stretch and was struggling to catch fish on his close in whip and short pole line. He eventually went across the canal, to the reeds opposite, with the long pole and bread punch to catch 1-15-0 of roach to take second place.

In third place was Mick Greenway, who like Vince struggled to catch fish on the nearside, and used the long pole to catch 1-5-12 of roach and rudd on the far lily pads.