Match Report

Match:  LEC Cup 1st Leg
Venue:  Chichester Canal
Winner:  Steve Simmonds
Runner Up:  Mick Greenway
Third:  Colin Bridger


Yet another warm day but with a strong wind that seemed to come from all directions. We decided to use the platforms that are available from the Hunston Bridge down towards Chichester. Unusually for the canal we did not suffer too much from cyclists although there were the normal number of walkers and boats, including waveboards. The problem with the big canal boats is the fish seem to take at least 20 minutes, in summer, to start feeding again after their passage. As the boats turn round at Donnington this does limit the fishing once they start up. It is completely opposite in winter when the boats are a boon. In line with other venues the canal is suffering from weed and this is on both the path and far sides. Catches were mainly roach although there were odd perch and gudgeon also caught.

In first place was Steve Simmonds who used his whips to fish two lines – one on the edge of nearside weeds and one at 4 meters. He fished pinkies over groundbait to weigh in 4-15-4 and managed to find the better quality roach and not be pestered by the smaller fry.  Steve was fishing the second platform down from Hunston Bridge. This was Steve’s third win in a row since his return once the close season had finished.

Mick Greenway was in second place fishing next to Steve and used a mixture of whip and pole, fishing either bread punch or pinkie over liquidised bread. These weighed 2-5-8

Colin Bridger was in third place fishing the first platform by the bridge and weighed in 1-4-4.

Overall after 12 matches Mick Greenway (95points) leads the Clubman from Keith Hughes (81 points). He also leads the Matchman (677 points) from Mike Kitchener (506 points) and the Weight (159-10-4) from Mike Kitchener (120-12-8).