Match Report

Match:  LEC Cup 2nd Leg
Venue:  Chichester Canal
Winner:  V Herringshaw
3 - 8 - 0
Runner Up:  K Hughes
2 - 14 - 0
Third:  M Pantling
2 - 13 - 8


A good turnout of 12 anglers fished the stretch from Hunston bridge towards the marina. Previously we have had some excellent weights from this section, but this time round although the feeling was that the fish were there they were slow to come on.

Vince was pegged between the pontoon and garage and had a mainly roach net of 3 – 8 – 0 which was sufficient for 1st place.

Keith was not far past the 2nd big tree which is the fancied area for bream if they are going to show. There were a few skimmers around but none of the better fish turned up and a 2 – 14 – 0 mixed bag of roach and skimmers was just enough for 2nd place.

Mark Pantling who normally reigns supreme on the canal had a very similar bag to Keith’s but with his fish weighing in at 2 – 13 – 8 he had to be content with 3rd place.