Match Report

Match:  LEC Cup 3rd Leg
Venue:  Chichester Canal
Winner:  Vince Herringshaw
2 - 12 - 12
Runner Up:  Trevor Moore
2 - 1 - 8
Third:  Keith Hughes
1 - 14 - 12


This was the third leg of the LEC Trophy fished on the Chichester Canal at Grosvenor Road. As the season progresses the matches are moved back closer to Chichester in the hope of finding a reasonable number of fish with the possibility of some skimmers. This match was fished in the middle of a warm Autumn spell and hence brought out cyclists, walkers, canoeists and the regular trip boats. All this combined to make it a difficult match with low weights mainly of roach. Most of the fish were caught before the boats come up the canal – in fact every time a boat came past this put down the fish.

The water level was low in the canal enabling Keith to sit on his box in the edge but he seemed to act as a magnet for one of the trip boats which made a beeline for him. It stopped before it hit but only by revving up in Mick’s swim which was next to Keith’s. Trevor Moore had finished his summer bowling commitments and was able to join the other four anglers fishing this match. The anglers were spread out from the Grosvenor Road steps down to the big tree. There were a lot of leaves in the water at the tree end of the canal and these worked their way through the match stretch.

In first place fishing bread punch over liquidised bread either using his trusty whip or the long pole was Vince Herringshaw who caught roach weighing 2 – 12 – 2.

Fishing the end peg nearest the tree was Trevor Moore who fished pinkies over groundbait using the pole to catch 2 – 1 – 8 of roach.

Vince wins this leg with these roach Thought I had more than that
Vince takes overall lead in the series whilst Trevor takes 2nd place on his comeback

Keith Hughes was in third place using his usual canal tactics to weigh in 1 – 14 – 12 of roach.

After three legs of the LEC Trophy Vince is leading the series with 27 points closely followed by Keith with 26 points.