Match Report

Match:  LEC Cup 4th Leg
Venue:  Sumners Pond
Winner:   Colin Bridger
76 - 7 - 0
Runner Up:   Mick Greenway
54 - 9 - 0
Third:  Keith Hughes
28 - 0 - 0


The final leg of the LEC Cup was held on the Match Lake at Sumners Pond as we had been invited to fish their competition by the Sportsmans Club and also the last match on the Canal had seen very low catches. Again the day was dry although there was a cold wind which affected some of the pegs. There is a good mix of fish with double figure carp (although a lot had been moved to another lake) along with a good head of silverfish. Unfortunately I do not have the exact breakdown of the silverfish and carp weights but will give an estimate from memory.

In first place was Colin Bridger who was fishing the car park end of the lake and caught five pound of silverfish and a carp on the long pole before fishing down the edge with the feeder and Red Robin pellets to catch 7 carp with a total weight of 76-7-0. This would have given him second place overall in the match if the Sportsmans anglers had been included.
Colin Bridger with his bag of carp

A winning bag of carp for Colin

On the opposite bank slightly down from Colin was Mick Greenway. He used a hybrid feeder and pellets to catch 6 carp. He also caught a carp on paste on the pole and along with fifteen pounds of silverfish and crucians gave him a weight of 54-9-0. This would have given him fifth place overall in the match.

Keith Hughes was fishing next to Mick and could not get a bite on the feeder and used the pole to catch 28-0-0 of carp, crucians and silverfish on the long pole.

After the four legs of the LEC Cup Mick was the overall winner with 26 points from Keith with 25 points.

Overall Keith Hughes is leading the Clubman (144points), Matchman (1374 points) and Weight (328-8-0 from Mick Greenway / Vince Herringshaw (both on 134 points) and Mick Greenway (938 points) and (220-10-0) respectively.