Match Report

Match:  Lec Cup 4th Leg
Venue:  Chichester Canal
Winner:  Vince Herringshaw
Runner Up:  Steve Simmonds
Third:  Keith Hughes


On a grey wet day only 4 anglers turned up for the last leg of the LEC cup on the Chichester canal at Grosvenor Road. One of the benefits of the wet day was that it deterred some of the walkers and particularly the cyclists although there did seem to be a number of inquisitive dogs. The day was also very windy although the stretch we chose to fish was sheltered from it.  It is surprising that so few turned up for the match as it is a very fair venue with every angler catching over 5 pounds of fish. It is also possible to fish the long pole as you can ship the pole parallel to the canal, hence we pegged out to give everyone plenty of space to do this.

The canal was clear in the margins although the main track still had some colour and hence felt that we did not require any extra help from the boats. This proved to be the case as everyone was catching until the first boat came through which put the fish down for some time. It was felt that catches would have been bigger if there had been no boat traffic.

Vince Herringshaw was in first place catching 6-10-0 of roach and skimmers with the odd gudgeon on his favourite whip in the main track on bread punch fished over liquidised bread.

In second place with a weight of 5-9-4 was Steve Simmonds who was fishing on the end peg closest to Chichester. Steve caught most of his roach and skimmers on red maggot on the long pole, instead of his whip, again fishing the main track of the canal.

Keith Hughes was in third place and fished the far shelf with the long pole. He caught more skimmers than the other anglers and weighed in 5-7-8.

Overall the LEC Cup was won by Keith Hughes with 26 points from Mick Greenway with 24 points.
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Vince’s winning bag on a day when everyone had over 5lb