Match Report

Match:  LEC Cup 4th Leg
Venue:  Chichester Canal
Winner:  Match Abandoned
Runner Up:  


The match stretch had been double booked with Stedham AC also fishing the same area. Only 3 or 4 Stedham anglers were expected to turn up so it was agreed that the two clubs would combine in one match. On the day only one Stedham angler turned up – the others must have known what was in store! The canal was very clear, even the boat channel where you could see all the debris that was on the bottom. The 6 anglers, who turned up, set up with no great hope of catching a fish unless the boat came through and clouded up the water.

After we had been fishing for an hour, Vince and Keith walked up to the basin to see if any boats were going to run that day. Unfortunately they had no trips planned and they did not have anyone to run the boats – hence all our hopes had come to nothing. Steve Simmonds tried his weed rake out again as he had in the previous match. Although it stirred the bottom up (not as effectively as the boat though) it did not result in any fish, which were probably put off by the noise. Hence it was agreed to abandon the match.

Overall the LEC Trophy was won by Vince Herringshaw (27 points) closely followed by Keith Hughes (26 points) and Mick Greenway ( 25 points).