Match Report

Match:  LEC Cup 4th Leg
Venue:  Chichester Canal
Winner:  J Williams
13 - 6 - 0
Runner Up:  V Herringshaw
12 - 13 - 0
Third:  M Greenway
5 - 14 - 8


Our last match for the season on the canal saw us in the basin and just round into the canal proper. As we were setting up we saw lots of fish movement and felt that we were likely to have a busy day with plenty of bites. This proved to be the case with everyone having a good number of fish. The favoured pegs however are those just on the point of the basin as it turns into the canal and these did produce the top weights.

John Williams was just in the basin by the steps down and caught steadily all through the match with bonus net roach or skimmers every now and then. His weight of 13 – 6 – 0 was enough to secure first place.

Vince was on the slipway just into the canal and fished mainly on the whip with the occasional foray over on the waggler. The better fish were however coming from the inside line with some good-sized roach being netted. Vince among other did have a bit of pike trouble with one coming at least 2 ft out of the water in an attempt to get hold of a fish he was swinging in. Vince’s 12 – 13 – 0 was easily enough for 2nd place.

Mick Greenway was sandwiched between Vince and John and managed to hold his nerve even though it was obvious that he was being outgunned from both sides. Mick managed 5 – 14 – 8 to just make 3rd place with Keith and Steve hot on his heels.

With two wins a 2nd and a 4th Vince wins the overall trophy for this series.