Match Report

Match:  M Sampson 3rd Leg
Venue:  Hurston Match Pond
Winner:  Steve Hanson
Runner Up:  Vince Herringshaw
Third:  Keith Hughes


We had 8 anglers turn out on a night that was very windy and during the match it became very wet. 4 anglers were pegged on each side of the lake and unfortunately the fishing continued to be poor, with only 8 carp and 1 bream being caught along with very few small silverfish and perch. All anglers pegged on the roadside caught carp with only Vince on the first platform on the stream side catching carp.

Steve Hanson caught 3 carp to weigh in 15-5-4 on the pole and easily win the match. Two of the carp were caught in the margins with one fish being caught on the long pole close to the island.

In second place, fishing on the first platform on the stream side was Vince Herringshaw who caught 2 carp on pellet on the long pole to weigh in 5-12-4

Fishing the road side was Keith Hughes who caught 1 carp and bits to weigh 5-8-4 to take third place.

Overall both Vinny Collier and Vince Herringshaw had 23 points with Vince Herringshaw winning the series with the heaviest total weight.