Match Report

Match:  M. Sampson Cup 1st Leg
Venue:  Chichester Canal
Winner:  S. Jeffery
7 - 15 - 0
Runner Up:  K. Hughes
6 - 10 - 0
Third:  V. Herringshaw
5 - 14 - 0


We had a reasonable turnout for the first match on the canal of the season. The Canal Authority have been promising some platforms downstream from Hunston, these have yet to arrive but they have cut the reed right back so this area is again fishable.

Always one to try something new or something we haven’t done for a while we decided to fish downstream from Hunston, starting just after the landing stage. It’s always good when a plan works as this gave just about everyone an excellent evening fishing with most using a rod and running line rather than a pole.

He hasn’t gone away – although his name has not featured in our first two match reports Steve Jeffery is alive and kicking. A weight of 7 – 15 – 0 made up of primarily silver fish caught on the waggler was enough for first place.
Keith Hughes was second with 6 – 10 – 0 of fish of a similar stamp. It appears that Keith’s season could be plagued by lost fish this year we have already reported on his lost perch and on this match he lost a tench in the lilies
In third place was Vince Herringshaw with 5 – 14 – 0 again very similar fish. Vince commented that it was really good to see the canal producing this sort of match catch.

Fish of the evening was undoubtedly John Shepperd’s roach which weighed just over the pound. This shows that among the skimmers, small roach and rudd there are certainly the better fish.

For next Wednesday we will probably try the same stretch and then move upstream of Hunston towards Chichester the week after.