Match Report

Match:  M Sampson Cup 1st Leg
Venue:  Chichester Canal
Winner:  V Herringshaw
2 - 10 - 0
Runner Up:  T Hunt (=1st)
2 - 10 - 0
Third:  K Dowell
1 - 14 - 0


We fished from Hunston bridge down for our first canal match of the season. This stretch has normally produced well for us in the past, but was very quiet for this match.

We did have some excitement during the weigh in when we realised that newcomer Terry Hunt and old campaigner Vince Herringshaw had even weights for first place. Terry fished a light feeder to one of the lily pads and had one good sized skimmer that was dark enough in colour to be called a proper bream and some other bits for 2 – 10 – 0. Vince fished the pole and whip and had all bits for the same weight.

Kevin Dowell secured third place with an all bits weight of 1 – 14 – 0 caught on the pole.