Match Report

Match:  Milliard 1st Leg
Venue:  Bethwins Lower Pond
Winner:  Steve Speller
Runner Up:  Steve Hanson
Third:  Steve Simmonds


Bethwins Lower Pond – This venue has a limited number of match fishable pegs and the 7 anglers, who booked in, were pegged between the two lakes – 4 on the upper lake and 3 on the lower lake. There are several things that are predictable that will happen at Bethwins – these are rain in at least one of the matches, lots of tadpoles in the water and Mick having problems with his trolley. All of these happened in the first leg of the Milliard Cup particularly the number of tadpoles which seems to limit the number of perch caught. This was so bad that Steve Simmonds, who is an ace with the whip catching perch, caught less than a pound of them.

Fishing one of the new pegs on the far side was Steve Speller who caught 3 carp on the feeder to weigh in 10-4-0 to take first place.
Steve Speller took top spot on the Lower Pond

Steve Speller took top spot on the Lower Pond

In second was Steve Hanson, fishing on the first peg over the stile,on the lower lake, and  caught tench and perch on the pole to weigh in 4-3-4.

In third place was Steve Simmonds who caught 0-8-4 of perch on the whip.