Match Report

Match:  Milliard 2nd Leg
Venue:  Bethwins Upper Pond
Winner:  Tim Evans
Runner Up:  Keith Hughes
Third:  MIke Kitchener


Surprising the weather was fine again for a match at Bethwins. There were only 6 anglers booked in for the match and these included a new member, Tim Evans. The anglers were allocated the opposite pond to that they had fished in the first leg, with Tim taking the place of one of the other anglers on the Upper pond. The fishing was a real struggle with no carp being weighed in on the Upper Pond although Tim did catch one off of the surface using floating tactics which are not allowed at Bethwins. For a change a carp was caught on the Lower Lake and this easily won the match on this pond and also overall.

In first place was Tim Evans who was fishing the first swim on the dam wall and caught 1-1-12 of perch on the pole.

Keith Hughes was in second place with 0-12-4 of perch although he did lose several carp in the sunken branches in the furthest swim on this pond.

Mike Kitchener was fishing the swim next to Keith and only weighed in 0-1-4 of perch although the carp were showing on the far side of the pond but not feeding.

Overall Steve Simmonds and Vince Herringshaw had the same number of points (19points) with Steve taking the Milliard Cup with the heavier weight.