Match Report

Match:  Milliard Cup 1st leg
Venue:  Bethwins (Upper)
Winner:  S Simmonds
17 - 6 - 0
Runner Up:  K Hughes
10 - 7 - 0
Third:  D Shrubb
0 - 10 - 0


Well for the first time since we have been fishing matches at Bethwins it didn’t rain. It did start clouding up in the last half hour or so and we were beginning to expect a traditional Bethwins soaking.

With Dick Shrub and Keith drawn in the pegs that normally produce the better weights on the top pond Steve S decided to go for perch on his trusty whip. Fishing at 3 metres length and feeding a little bit of chopped worm, a few maggots and some small pellets with the thought that the tench might move in. With one bonus tench of around 8oz, and catching perch from start to finish Steve weighed in 17 – 6 – 0.

Keith was in the open swim round the back and started well with a couple of carp and three tench within the first hour, during this time he had Mick (the trout) G watching on. However once Mick left he only had one more tench during the rest of the match. He did lose 2 other carp and resisted the temptation to scale down for the smaller fish, the thinking being that as with previous matches the carp and tench would beat a small fish weight but it wasn’t to be on this occasion. Keith weighed in 10 – 7 – 0 for 2nd place.
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Keith’s better quality fish were no match for Steve’s bag of Perch this time

Dick had what can only be described as a bit of a nightmare. Having been given the lowdown on his swim by Kevin who has done well from it on previous occasions Dick did seem to spend a lot of time attached to trees! Only managing to get one tench and a couple of perch out Dick weighed in 0 – 10 – 0.