Match Report

Match:  Milliard Cup 1st Leg
Venue:  Bethwins Pond (Upper)
Winner:  K. Leighfield
31 - 2 - 0
Runner Up:  K. Hughes
17 - 8 - 0
Third:  M Greenway
3 - 8 - 0


Well a year on and nothing changes really, we returned to Bethwins having fished the water a couple of times last season. I say nothing changes – at least this year it nearly didn’t rain just a few spots, whilst last year it chucked it down. As last year, those of us who were on the carp pond were totally unable to connect with any carp so we had to resort to perch fishing, Whilst those on the tench lake were caught out yet again by the size of the carp.

Kevin Leighfield led the way with an excellent weight from the tench pond, although he only had one tench! Kevin had 4 carp for 23lb and this together with 8lb or so of perch (not forgetting his one tench) gave Kevin a grand total of 31 – 2 – 0 to easily win the pond

A long way back in 2nd place – but at least he caught what he was supposed to catch was Keith Hughes. Keith had about 8lb of tench which together with a couple of carp gave him 17 – 8 – 0.

Poor Mick Greenway was sat between Kevin and Keith and he must have felt somewhat squeezed out as all he could find was 3 – 8 – 0 of perch. Never mind Mick at least you managed to get your trolley back across the field in one piece.
Copyright Petworth and Bognor Angling Club West Sussex

Kevin Leighfield with the four Carp that made up most of his winning weight.

Copyright Petworth and Bognor Angling Club West Sussex

Keith Hughes with the Tench part of his second placed bag of fish.