Match Report

Match:  Milliard Cup 1st Leg
Venue:  Hurston Lane Fishery
Winner:  Keith Hughes
49 - 9 - 12
Runner Up:  Mike Kitchener
24 - 4 - 8
Third:  Mick Greenway
13 - 8 - 0


The Hurston complex has suffered from weed a lot this year and the Match Lake was just as bad as the other two lakes although there were some clear patches where the bream and carp had been moving around. Although Keith and Mick were up there on the Sunday clearing seven swims for this match the weed was still in place in the edges of the swims and resulted in many lost fish. This year we have been pretty lucky with weather but this evening was an exception with rain from the off and the threat of a thunderstorm. This lasted until the last hour when the rain cleared and the sun came out.
Early Evening Rain

Early evening rain didn’t dampen the spirits

Keith Hughes was in favoured Peg 7 and caught 7 carp, 2 tench and 11 bream on the long pole. He used meat and pellet and these weighed 49-9-12 in total. As well as winning the match Keith also took the Golden Peg sweep. Peg 7 was the Golden Peg and Keith won the first £100 sweep of the season.

Keith with his bag of Bream, Carp and Tench
Keith with his bag of Bream, Carp and Tench
Kitch with good bag for second
Kitch with a good bag for second

In second place fishing Peg 13  was Mike Kitchener who again used the long pole to catch 6 bream and 2 carp weighing 24-4-8.

Mick Greenway was fishing Peg 1 and had a mixed bag consisting of carp, bream, crucians, tench and rudd. These were caught fishing dead maggot or pellet over groundbait using the pole and weighed 13-8-0.

Overall Keith is leading the Clubman with 97 points from Mike Kitchener with 88 points. In the Matchman Keith leads with 796 points from Mike Kitchener with 576 points. On the weight front following the big weight from this match Keith again leads with 187-15-0 from Kitch with 132-14-8.