Match Report

Match:  Milliard Cup 2nd Leg
Venue:  Bethwins Upper Pond
Winner:  Steve Simmonds
Runner Up:  Jason Clarke
Third:  Steve Hanson


Bethwins Upper Pond – We had a full complement of anglers for this match with Jason Clarke filling the 8th slot. John Williams and Keith Hughes could not fish and were replaced by Dave and Alan Herbert. The weather for a change at this venue was not wet but was pleasantly warm but not overly sunny. There were still a large number of tadpoles in the lakes and again this seemed to deter the perch from feeding. This time Mick did not have problems with his trolley and managed to get from the car park to the lake intact. In another first for Bethwins two anglers caught American crayfish, which are not an indigenous species and hence were not returned to the water.

Fishing the feeder on peg 3 was Steve Simmonds who caught 2 carp. These coupled with perch caught on the whip weighed 10-4-0 sufficient to take first place.peg.

On the first peg over the stile was Jason Clarke who caught 1 carp plus perch on the pole to weigh in 5-2-12 and take second place.

In third place was Steve Hanson who caught one tench and perch `on the pole weighing 2-2-4.

Overall the Milliard Cup was won by Vince Herringshaw with 19points followed closely by Steve Simmonds with 18 points.