Match Report

Match:  Mixed Pairs Shield
Venue:  Hurston Match Pond
Winner:  Samantha & Steve
9 - 15 - 0
Runner Up:  Megan & Vince
7 - 11 - 0
Third:  Danielle & Keith
4 - 8 - 0


The mixed pairs as usual was a fun afternoon, but this years match was unfortunately dampened somewhat by the weather.

Steve Jeffery and Samantha Jones were drawn on peg 3 which was half way down the left hand side. Samatha fished a 3 metre whip and caught small Roach and Rudd steadily for most of the match leaving Steve to concentrate on the Carp that inhabit the pond. Steve managed to catch two of these Carp, but also lost a further five in the reeds. Despite the losses, Steve’s two Carp and Samantha’s net of silver fish were enough for first place.

Second were Megan and Vince Herringshaw , Megan also fished with a whip for small Roach and Rudd whilst Vince fished for the larger fish. Megan weighed in 5-9-0 of silver fish whilst Vince managed only the one Carp, although he did lose two more.

The third pair were Danielle and Keith Hughes adopting the same strategy as the first two pairs. Danielle again choosing a whip for the bits whilst Keith concentrated on the Carp, Keith lost one Carp and only managed a few bits, the bulk of the weight and most of the fish were caught by Danielle.

Well done to all the girls who took part, with the right partner any one of you could have won.