Match Report

Match:  Moss Cup 1st Leg
Venue:  Fittleworth
Winner:  Mike Kitchener
7 - 4 - 4
Runner Up:  Mick Greenway
5 - 8 - 0
Third:  Vince Herringshaw
3 - 1 - 12


This was the first evening match of River Rother series and was held at Fittleworth, one day after the season opened. Hence the banks were still overgrown and not trodden down and would have made using a trolley a problem.

Copyright Petworth and Bognor angling Club West SussexSteve Simmonds, who still sticks religiously to the old season was fishing his first competition of the year. We also welcomed one of our elder anglers, John Shepherd, to his first match. Again it was dry with a moderate / strong wind which affected trotting a float in some of the swims.

Eight anglers were fishing and as usual it was a walk-off match with four anglers fishing in the first field and four in the second field. A wide variety of fish were caught, chub, roach, dace, perch, eels and gudgeon, but very few trout.

Continuing his winning success was Rother expert, Mike Kitchener (pictured left) who had roach, eels and chub weighing 7 – 4 – 4. The eels were caught on the feeder and the other fish by trotting a stick float using maggot as bait. Mike did not have any dace but caught some good sized roach but unfortunately lost one fish of over a pound.

In second place was Mick Greenway who was fishing upstream from Kitch and trotted a stick float again using maggots to catch a chub plus dace to weigh in 5 – 8 – 0.

Vince Herringshaw was fishing downstream of Kitch and had a mixed bag of roach, dace and perch weighing 3 – 1 – 12 to finish third. Again these were caught using a stick float and maggots.
Copyright Petworth and Bognor angling Club West Sussex

Mick’s Chub and bits that secured him second place in the first river match of the new season