Match Report

Match:  Moss Cup 1st Leg
Venue:  Fittleworth
Winner:  R Leduc
2 - 4 - 0
Runner Up:  S Speller
0 - 11 - 8
Third:  V Herringshaw
0 - 11 - 4


The river looked good, water level was right and there was a bit of colour so we thought that Fittleworth might produce a few fish. We were disappointed that only one angler had a half decent net of fish and frankly the rest of us struggled.

Newcomer Richard Leduc (apologies if I have your surname wrong Richard) decided to fish the big bend in the second field and put together a bits net of 2 – 4 – 0 to easily take 1st place.

The next three weights were very close with Steve Speller in 2nd place with 3 small chublets for 0 – 11 – 8 from opposite the tree about 50yds or so above the pump house. Vince was in 3rd place with 3 dace for 0 – 11 – 4 from the bottom end of the throat.

His weighable fish put Mick G just behind Vince but he did have a trout which of course does not count.