Match Report

Match:  Moss Cup 2nd Leg
Venue:  Shopham
Winner:  V. Herringshaw
3 - 9 - 8
Runner Up:  R. Butler
2 - 6 - 0
Third:  R. Huskisson
0 - 5 - 8


Herewith another of my ‘in absence’ match reports based on information kindly supplied by Vince. Firstly just to mention that it was obviously a red letter day as I saw from the result sheet that our Chairman graced the matchmen with his presence however after probably 6 outing over 3 – 4 years I think this esteemed river angler has yet to trouble the scalesman on the Rother – Nigel we are banking on a performance at Fittleworth in the Rother Valley Shield match this year so you better get some practice in! It’s OK losing two chub when you are fishing for yourself but we do expect more when you are fishing for the club!

Only two anglers really found any fish, Vince fished opposite the stream from Burton mill and reported plenty of fish and in particular lots of dace, nothing spectacular but a very pleasant evening float fishing. Rab Butler was second with some bits and pieces together with a pike of 1lb now some people dispute whether pike should be weighed in and there are views for and against. My personal opinion is that if a pike is caught on match tackle and the anglers is not overtly piking then the fish can be weighed. I know other clubs and organisations have their own views and I stress that this is my personal opinion.

I also found a note on the match sheet that said that Keith Hughes lost a good trout – the saga goes on! But this does also raise the point of eligible fish and certainly that trout if landed would not have been weighed.