Match Report

Match:  Moss Cup 3rd Leg
Venue:  Coultershaw
Winner:  Mike Kitchener
Runner Up:  Mick Greenway
Third:  Steve Speller


On yet another beautiful fine dry and sunny night nine anglers turned up for the last leg of the Moss cup on the Rother at Coultershaw. The herd of cows were in the field and fortunately for Keith, who has an aversion to cows, the draw allowed him to fish in the swim where the side stream comes in i.e. away from the cows. As usual there was a walkoff. The Rother fished really well on this night with roach, dace, chub, trout, perch, gudgeon, minnows and eels being caught along with reports of lost barbel. Seven of the weights were over three pounds which made it a really good match apart from the runaway winner.

In first place was Mike Kitchener who was fishing the 4th peg in the fenced off area. Mike had a red letter day with chub on his first two trots through his swim. Mike fished the stick float trotting maggots to catch 11 chub plus dace and chublets to weigh in 27-2-0.
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Rother expert Mike Kitchener with his winning bag of chub

Mick Greenway was in second place and had a mixed bag of dace, chub, chublets, roach and minnows weighing 6-14-8 caught on maggots. He caught 2 chub on the maggot feeder, dace, roach and minnows on the stick float and chub, perch and dace on the pole fished on the far side of his swim.

In third place was Steve Speller who trotted a stick float to catch 2 chub and bits to weigh in 5-10-12.

Overall Mike Kitchener won the Moss Cup with 29 points with 3 anglers, Keith Hughes, Steve Speller and Mick Greenway on 22 points.