Match Report

Match:  Moss Cup 3rd Leg
Venue:  Coultershaw
Winner:  R Leduc
8 - 11 - 0
Runner Up:  V Herringshaw
4 - 13 - 0
Third:  M Kitchener
3 - 10 - 8


Richard Leduc got the swim that has produced the winning weight at Coultershaw for the last couple of years. The favoured swim is upstream from the field where the stream comes in on the far bank. Richard had 2 chub and plenty of bits for 8-11-0 and first place.

Vince fished just before the riffle fence and his chub together with roach and dace weighed in at 4-13-0 for second place.

Mike Kitchener who we normally consider to be one of the clubs specimen anglers can turn his hand to a bit of match fishing as well and his one chub of the evening weighed in at 3-10-8 for third place.

There were some good bits weights behind the main places with everyone weighing in.

After three close matches, Richard Leduc and Steve Speller were equal on points, Richard had a better cumulative weight and therefore wins the Moss Cup.