Match Report

Match:  Moss Cup 3rd Leg
Venue:  Coultershaw
Winner:  R Butler
21 - 10 - 0
Runner Up:  J Sheppard
5 - 4 - 0
Third:  V Herringshaw
1 - 4 - 0


Well the last of our evening matches of the season certainly threw up a few surprises! We were on Coultershaw and slightly hesitant about the conditions after the heavy rain on Tuesday but the river was still very low with not much pace on the flow. We had a surprising catch for 1st position and a dark horse coming up on the rails to take the evening series, what more can you ask for!

Rab Butler went slightly upstream to where the side stream joins back onto the main river and proceeded to confound us all with a weight of 21 – 10 – 0 this is certainly the best weight on a river evening match that I can remember and you have to go back quite a few years to find a better match weight from the Rother. Then when we look at what Rab actually caught and compare that with what Coultershaw is famous for it doesn’t quite stack up. Rab had 4 bream which together totalled around 12 lb one good chub and loads of roach, dace etc. a little different and a refreshing change from the double figure barbel that we hear of so often from this venue.

A long way back in 2nd place from in the fenced off area was John Sheppard who had a chub of around 3lb two good perch and a few bits and pieces for 5 – 4 – 0.

In third place from the bottom end of the first field was Vince Herringshaw with a mixed bag of 1 – 4 – 0.

Rab came up on the rails to have equal points with Ray Huskisson but his weight from this match easily took him through as series winner – well done Rab and hard luck Ray although I’m sure you would bow to such a good bag of fish from the Rother. It’s only a shame that no one had a camera to record Rab’s catch.