Match Report

Match:  Pairs – 1
Venue:  The Granary
Winner:  Keith Hughes
56 - 14 - 0
Runner Up:  Mick Greenway
51 - 15 - 0
Third:  John Powis
41 - 9 - 0


We fished the first round of the pairs match on Sunday 23rd July at the Granary. It was a forecast to be a blowy day with the odd shower and this turned out to be the case with a very strong wind blowing the length of the lake. We pegged along both sides with one from each pair on each side.
Keith drew the farm side for the first time in years and could not get a bait past the Rudd in the spots he baited so ended up fishing at 16m to the end of the island in around 3 foot of water feeding hard pellet and using four worms on the hook, he found a good run of Carp between 2Ib and 8Ib for a total of 56lb 14oz
Mick drew the far end peg on the farm side and again had a problem with the Rudd eating everything he tried. He mixed a hard paste and fished down the edge toward the far end and had Carp between 4Ib and 10Ib. His total of 51lb 5oz secured second place.
John Powis was fishing the middle of the Golf Club side and started to the bush on his right but after losing a few fish in the roots he started fishing the edge to his left. This resulted in less bites but a much better return he totaled 41lb 9oz for third.

Keith & John lead the way in the pairs competition

After the first round of the pairs competition the standing are:-

Keith & John 98Ib 7oz with 18 points.

Mick & Gary 67Ib 15oz with 14 points.

Cody & Graham 48Ib and 13 points.