Match Report

Match:  Pairs – 2
Venue:  Petworth Park
Winner:  Gary Collins
47 - 1 - 0
Runner Up:  Keith Hughes
31 - 1 - 0
Third:  Graham White
16 - 7 - 0


Petworth Park was the venue for the 2nd round of the pairs match and for the first time this year the conditions were spot on with a good S/W wind blowing straight into the road bank.

Hopes were high for some good catches but trying to get everyone along the roadĀ bank made the pegging tight and this made it hard.

Gary on peg one fished the feeder at around 20m and had a steady flow of fish for the whole match with Skimmers of about 1Ib to Bream of 4Ib. His total weight of 47lb 1oz was enough to easily win the match

Keith in peg 3 fished his usual 2 pole lines one at 5m and the other around 10.5m, he had a good run of roach up to around 6oz on the short line but no bigger fish, and had 10 large Skimmers and Bream on the long line on corn over groundbait for a total of 31lb 1oz and second place.

Graham in peg 6 also fished the pole at around 10m and found Bream with corn over groundbait but unfortunately pulled out of more fish than he landed, however, 16lb 7oz was still enough to secure third place.

You may also notice from the photos the large amount of work that has been done to the banks making them a lot better for setting up your box or chair and once the grass grows back this will be very nice.

Gary and Keith were first and second at Petworth Park.

Final result after both rounds of the pairs competition.

1st Keith Hughes & John Powis 144Ib 6oz with 34 points

2nd Gary Collins & Mick Greenway 122Ib 14oz with 29 points

3rd Graham White & Cody Hughes 72Ib 14oz with 27 points