Match Report

Match:  Pairs Tankard
Venue:  Stemps and Cart
Winner:  Keith Hughes
Runner Up:  Kevin Leighfield
Third:  Vince Herringshaw


Not surprising again it rained, with it starting when we were setting up and not stopping until an hour before the end of the match. This again did not help the trek across to the fishery with the muddy conditions yet again proving a challenge.  The outlet pipes from Cart were unblocked and this slowly lowered the water level which was up to the level of the platforms. The run- off from the field flows into peg 1 of Stemps and this colour spread across the lake and by the end of the match had almost coloured the whole of Stemps.

Interestingly Kevin Leighfield on peg 1 noticed that the roach moved away from the muddy water but it did not stop the carp from continuing to feed. Eleven anglers turned up and I stood down, to even the numbers up, and had a good day, apart from the rain, on peg 19 on Cart catching a carp and a bag of silverfish.The draw for pairs took place followed by the draw for pegs for each pair. Again the anglers walked off with reasonable high hopes as the weather although wet was mild for this time of year. The match turned out to be very close with all the winning weights coming from Stemps.

In first place was Keith Hughes who was fishing peg 7 on Stemps and weighed in 11-13-8. He caught 1 carp plus ten pound of skimmers on the pole. Keith fished two lines, one at 7 metres fed using groundbait and one at 11 metres fed using 2mm pellets and dead red maggots. Keith fished pellets on both lines.
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Keith Hughes with his winning bag of Skimmers

In second place one ounce behind was Kevin Leighfield on Peg 1.He caught 5 carp plus silverfish to weigh in 11-12-8. He caught the carp on red krill pellets using a groundbait method feeder to the right of his swim.
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So close – Kevin was only one ounce behind Keith

Vince Herringshaw was one ounce behind Kevin with 11-11-8 from Peg 13 on Stemps. Vince used a groundbait feeder with red maggot fished close to the island to catch 4 carp along with approximately 3 pound of silver fish caught on his trusty whip.
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Vince had these carp amongst his close third bag

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John Williams had the heaviest weight on Cart with 8-5-0 of carp caught on peg 16.

The Pairs Tankard  was won by Keith and John (20 points)who both won their lakes. There was a tie for second place (17 points) between Glen Riley / Vince and Kevin / Steve Simmonds with Glen and Vince taking the place with a heavier overall weight