Match Report

Match:  Pairs Tankard
Venue:  Cart Pond
Winner:  M Greenway
2 - 7 - 0
Runner Up:  K Hughes
2 - 5 - 0
Third:  R Short
1 - 14 - 8


We have had some good turnouts for the last few weeks and The Pairs match at Walberton proved to be the same. The only problem was that we ended up with an odd number (not much good if you are looking for pairs) therefore I dropped out to fish the next peg that would have been put on Cart.

I actually fished on peg 22 and was hoping to get the roach going, after an hour or so it was obvious that they just weren’t going to come so I switched my attention to the skimmers and managed to put together a weight of 4 – 11- 0 during the match duration.

Those fishing the match also found it quite hard going Mick (trout) Greenway had the top weight from peg 29 with a mixed bag of 2 – 7 – 0.

In second place, fishing the favoured peg 16 was Keith Hughes. Keith told me just before he weighed in that he had lost three carp, but he had two nets in the water which was a good sign. We firstly weighed his bits which came to 2 – 2 – 0 and then he lifted his 2nd net, and lifted and lifted until we could see nestling in the bottom a lovely looking carp / goldfish which weighed all of 3 ounces to give him 2 – 5 – 0!

Returnee Ron Short (good to see you back Ron) was third on the lake from peg 19 with a mixed bag of 1 – 14 – 8.

This of course was a pairs match and taking their partner into account first were John Sheppard and Mick Greenway on 14 points and second were Mark Pantling and Ron Short.