Match Report

Match:  Pairs Tankard
Venue:  Hurston Lane
Winner:  M. Pantling
0 - 12 - 12
Runner Up:  S. Simmonds
0 - 10 - 4
Third:  M. Greenway
0 - 9 - 4


The first real frost of the season led to a hard day on our Hurston lane fishery for those that competed in the pairs tankard. I decided to change the format a bit this season so the poor weights are probably all my fault. Having seen large shoals of rudd in the carp lake together with reports of good perch, eels and the occasional tench I decided that we should give it a go as a match group, so I put one section on here. I then decided that it would be good to also see how the tench lake responded to match tactics later on in the season (you might recall that we had a go on here in June with good results).

Anyway as mentioned the weights were very poor and certainly only one of the anglers on the carp lake managed to catch and those that fished the tench lake really struggled to find the odd fish.

First on the tench lake was Mark Pantling who managed to pick up the odd rudd every now and again for just under 13oz, second was Steve Simmonds who only found fish in the last half hour but managed just over 10oz. On the carp lake as mentioned only one angler caught and that was Mick Greenway who picked up the occasional rudd for just over 9oz.

Being the only pair in which both anglers weighed in Mick Greenway and Steve Simmonds were the inevitable winners of the Pairs Tankard.