Match Report

Match:  Parfrement Cup
Venue:  Hurston Lane
Winner:  R. Butler
17 - 15 - 0
Runner Up:  R. Huskisson
9 - 4 - 0
Third:  K. Leighfield
8 - 15 - 0


We were fishing Hurston in the afternoon / evening for the first time for a club match. The thought was that the fishing should get better as the sun went down through late afternoon into the early evening – what sun!

We were faced with a pretty grim day more like the end of autumn rather than high summer with intermittent drizzle to start with that turned into fairly persistent rain half way through the match which continued on to just about when we had finished the weigh in. By which time of course it doesn’t matter that the rain has stopped because everything is soaked anyway.
Then there is the prospect of having to spread everything out all over the garage to get it dry again!

Anyway the weather did not seem to deter the fish in Rab Butler’s swim – he was drawn on the river bank just over half way along and found 6 carp for a total weight of 17 – 15 – 0 which was by far the best weight of the day.

Ray Huskisson was on the opposite bank near the first set of ropes and found two carp and a few roach for 9 – 4 – 0 to secure second place. Ray alternated between the pole over for the carp and the whip down the middle. Like most of us Ray found that the silver fish seemed to disappear after an initial flurry and it was difficult to keep them coming.

Only just behind him however on 8 – 15 – 0 was Kevin Leighfield pegged at the top end on the south bank he had decided to concentrate on the silver fish with a whip. This inevitably led to a brief encounter with a carp, which of course Kevin lost. He did manage to find one of the brown goldfish / crucian carp to boost his weight a bit and managed to keep the silver fish going for longer than most.

John Savage has obviously been to some fish identification and weight estimation classes as he was pretty much spot on when weighed!

It was also good to see a new face – Mick Greenway who I am told is possibly more at home out to sea fishing off the side of a boat, but has recently joined the club to try a bit of coarse fishing – Welcome Mick.

Unfortunately no pictures this week – although I had my camera with me it was just not the conditions to take pictures in everyone was keen to get to somewhere dry rather than standing around for the camera.