Match Report

Match:  Petworth Cup 2nd Leg
Venue:  Petworth Park
Winner:  Steve Jeffery
28 - 8 - 0
Runner Up:  Vince Herringshaw
14 - 6 - 0
Third:  Simon Thurgood
9 - 14 - 0


Unfortunately this second and final leg of the Petworth Cup was once again fished on a very wet and miserable day. However with reports of large bags of Bream and Tench caught the previous weekend it was hoped that the fishing would at least brighten up the day, with good weights anticipated. Once again though weather conditions adversely affected the weights with only two double figure bags caught,. The sudden drop in temperature from the previous few days mini heatwave the likely cause.

Steve Jeffery drew peg 3, situated on the second peg on the lillies. Fishing the pole at eight metres and well away from the liilies it was a slow start with only four small fish caught in the first half of the match.
Then the tench and crucians started to feed causing a lot of small bubbles in the swim and indications on the float. Using red maggot as bait, either one, two or three, Steve lost three fish in a row that took him straigth into the lillies. After changing to a stronger elastic, the fish started coming to the landing net. Steve caught seven Crucians, two Tench and one good Bream of about six pounds which together with a few small fish was enough for his winning weight.

Second was Vince Herringshaw on peg 7 which was along the road bank. Because of the conditions Vince decided to fish a Locslide float and feeder but he struggled to see the float in the often dappled light. He did manage to catch a few small fish on this method but a switch to the pole line about half way through the match resulted in a connection with a fish that he never saw as it just went flying off towards the middle of the lake. Vince did manange to catch two Bream on the pole and a couple of skimmers on the feeder, which was enough for second place.

Third was Simon Thurgood who drew peg 1 which was on the arm by the first island on the north bank. Simon immediately caught a tench on the waggler and followed this up with two more later in the match, along with a few small silver fish.

Steve Jeffery wins the Petworth Cup with a total of 18 points over the two legs.