Match Report

Match:  Pibworth Cup
Venue:  Hurston Match Pond
Winner:  John Williams
17 - 9 - 0
Runner Up:  Roy Baker
16 - 6 - 0
Third:  Ray Huskisson
13 - 10 - 0


We had 10 anglers turn out for the first competition of the year on Hurston Match Pond. 5 anglers were pegged on each side of the lake and hopes were high as several carp were showing on the lake. This proved to be the case as a number of carp of varied size were caught along with several of the recently introduced skimmer bream.

John Williams, fishing on the non-river side caught 3 carp from the island to win the match with 17 – 9 – 0 and also managed to transfer them all to his keepnet.

In second place, returning Roy Baker caught 2 carp for 16 – 6 – 0 fishing on the river side of the lake.

Ray Huskisson, fishing next to John Williams, had a good number of carp in front of him and caught 4 for a weight of 13 – 10 – 0 and third place. Unfortunately he lost 5 otherwise he would have easily won the match.